Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess

By Vishy Anand

Crystal-clear causes of grandmaster strategies and methods from which avid gamers of all talents can research. Anand annotates the best and best video games from his occupation. during this increased version by means of the reputable FIDE international Champion, he describes his most sensible video games and brings his occupation correct brand new.

This ebook gains Anand's unique and enjoyable commentaries to fifty seven of his top video games, culminating with the victory over Shirov that clinched the FIDE global Championship. Anand's well known skill to penetrate to the center of complicated positions comes over supremely good in his notes, on the way to amply pay off cautious examine.

Flowing attacking masterpieces defined logically step by step.

Practical tricks from an international Champion.

Puzzle positions to check your skill.

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Ixc3 19 bxc3 :c 20 . ixd5 . ixd5 21 l:l. xd5 ! i:Y:7 isn't transparent) 1 8... i. xg4 19 l:l. d4 profitable pawn. three) sixteen .. . . ig5+ 17 �bl :C8 (after 17 ... exf5 1 eight . if3 . ic6 19 li. :lxdS the e8-knight is back a significant cap) 1 eight fxe6 . ixe6 (or 18 .. . fxe6 19 lL! xd5 and wins) 1 nine i. f3 with a transparent virtue to White. four) I6 ... exf5 is most easily met through 17 . if3! as in line three above. 17 lL! xd5?! is much less transparent after 17 .. . 1gS+ 18 . ie3 f4! ( 1 eight ... fxg4 19 i. xg5 and I8 ... . ixe3+ I nine lLlxe3 i. e6 20 . ixfS ANAND - KAMSKY, PCA CAND. (ll), lAS PAIMAS 1995 should still win for White) 19 lbe7+ (19 ixd7 fxe3 20 ll:d3 ll:d8 is uncertain) 19... �h8 (19 ... he7 20 . :. xd7 fxe3 21 :x e7 strongly favours White) 20 :Xd7 fxe3, even if 21 lDd5 keeps a few virtue for White. 17 llhfi! aS 18 �4! (D) 1 seventy three nerves a result of unheard of impor­ tance of the sport - actually White has every little thing below keep an eye on. 20 -·· . tgS+ If 20 ... 1lxfl 2 1 llxfl lDf6, White has a pleasant win: 22 ll:xf6!! hf6 (or 22 ... gxf6 23 lbxd5 Wf8 24 tt:lxe7 ! ) 23 tt:lxd5 a4 24 tt:lc7 deciding on up ma­ terial. 21 �b1 (D) B From the following the knight can movement to c5 or b6, as applicable. 18 f6 21 ••• tt:\1'6 there is not any smart move, for instance 18 ... exf5 19 i. xf5 i. e6 20 lbcS or 18 ... :a6 19 . te2 ll:a8 20 .. te3 and Black has severe difficulties in both case. The text-move is extra complicated, yet White's virtue persists. Or 21... 1lxfl 22 ll:xfl tt:lf6 (after 22... 1la6 White has the friendly selection among 23 tt:lxd5 and 23 e7 . tf6 24 . txc8 ll:xb6 25 tt:lxd5) 23 ll:xf6 (23 i. h3 d4 24 tt:lb5 tt:ld5 is much less potent) 23 ... . txf6 24 tt:lxd5 h5 25 . th3 e4 26 tt:lc7 llb8 27 i. a7 e3 28 �c 1 and wins. and now heads for . the wonderful sq. d5. around approximately the following i used to be without notice frightened that I had allowed the pos ition to develop into unnecessar­ ily advanced, yet this used to be simply 22 ... tt:lxd5 23 llxf8+ �xf8 24 ll:xd5 is a straightforward win. 23 llxf8+ This wins the trade and results in a technically successful finishing. 23 19 fxe6 fxeS 20 00 The knight has accomplished its job 22 tt:lxdS tt:lxg4 VISHY ANAND: MY most sensible video games OF CHESS 1 seventy four e7 might have had an identical outcome: 23 ... l:te8 (23 ... l:txfl 24 e8"6'+ l:tf8 25 Vb5) 24 {jjc7 {j)xh2 25 {j)xe8 . be? 26 :hl . ig4 (26... {j)g4 27 {j)c? ) 27 {j)c? l:l. c8 28 l:l. de I . idS 29 l:l. xe5 . ixc7 30 . ixc7 lhc7 three l l:l. xh2. Z3 ... 'it>xf8 Z4 li'Jc7 no longer 24 . ic5+ 'it>g8 25 {j)c? b6!. l:l. a6 Z4 . •• On 24... l:l. b8, 25 . ic5+ 'it>g8 26 . ia7 traps the rook. ZS J.. cS+! an important intermediate fee. zs ... 'it>g8 25 ... . ie7?? permits mate in a single. Z6 {jjxa6 in fact the placement is successful for White as Black does not actually have a pawn for the alternate, yet this forcing series of strikes supplies Black no likelihood to advance cou nter play. Z9 -· J.. e4 29... . ig6 30 � . ih4 31 . i. b6 isn't any greater. 30 {j)e6 . i. h4 Or 30... . i. f4 31 . ib6. 31 gS! lDd5 h6 3Z :r1 33 gxh6 34 :t"8+ gxh6 �h7 (D) J.. xe6 26 ... bxa6 27 e7 �f7 28 �d8 additionally leaves White the trade up. z1 &7 Z8 h3 .. trs {j)f6 Or 28... �e3 29 . ixe3 J.. xe3 30 g4 . ig6 three 1 �e6 and White wins an­ different pawn. Z9 g4!

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