The Fuzzy Line between Art and Life: Artistic Interferences in the Construction of Reality

By Ana María Garzón Mantilla

Artwork can reframe, transform, reenact or reconstruct fact. utilizing artwork initiatives which are
intervening in current social realities, this thesis strives to investigate how paintings can intrude
in the development of truth. The paintings works selected are more than a few stories that move
from participatory environments to video installations. Francis Alÿs, Jeremy Deller,
Omer quick, Thomas Hirschhorn, Pierre Huyghe, Vik Muniz, Walid Raad and Santiago
Sierra are utilizing resources that come from the commercial and political approach, interventions
in the standard and latest ancient proof. The works of art are wondering the codes of
representation, the relation with the opposite, the development of reminiscence and the authority
of historical past. there's a everlasting rigidity among the inventive representations and fact
itself; that is to assert, an everlasting clash among the fiction and the true. This thesis
examines practices which are addressing social and old stipulations, as a way to
compare techniques and conflictive events that seem within the versions utilized by the artists.

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