Fallen Leaves: Last Words on Life, Love, War, and God

By Will Durant

Praised as a “revelatory” ebook via The Wall road Journal, this is often the final and so much own paintings of Pulitzer Prize–winning writer and historian Will Durant, came upon thirty-two years after his death.

The fruits of Will Durant’s sixty-plus years spent learning the philosophies, religions, arts, sciences, and civilizations from internationally, Fallen Leaves is the distilled knowledge of 1 of the world’s maximum minds, a guy with a well known expertise for rendering the insights of the previous obtainable. Over the process Durant’s occupation he bought a number of letters from “curious readers who've challenged me to talk my brain at the undying questions of human existence and fate.” With Fallen Leaves, his ultimate e-book, he ultimately approved their challenge.

In twenty-two brief chapters, Durant addresses every thing from adolescence and outdated age to faith, morals, intercourse, warfare, politics, and artwork. Fallen Leaves is “a thought-provoking array of evaluations” (Publishers Weekly), providing dependent prose, deep insights, and Durant’s revealing conclusions concerning the perennial difficulties and maximum joys we are facing as a species. In Durant’s singular voice, here's a message of perception for everybody who has ever sought that means in lifestyles or the advice of a discovered buddy whereas navigating life’s trip.

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